hi my name's rachel and im addicted to roosterteeth




Nash Grier deleted his tumblr and someone’s already hoarded his url and the only thing on it now is a picture of a naked Gus Sorola drinking beer while sitting on a chair in a corner. I’m fucking pissing myself over here.

RTX 2013 - Favourite Photos [11-14/??]

watching usain bolt run is incredible every time without fail he just looks so effortless i’m in awe


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couldnt have said it better myself

So people seem to be sending you bands to check out? Welp! I would recommend: Air Dubai, Marianas Trench, The 1975, Anberlin, and Bad Rabbits. All are pretty cool and I've seen them live.

they are yep haha

ahhh the 1975 are my favesssss!!!! and thank you for all the other recommendations :) 

i just quickly wanna apologise if you sent me a message/reply yesterday or today and didn’t get a response because i got a lot of messages about the music thing and other stuff and i know i didn’t reply to them all and i feel bad but i actually dont have time to go through them all so yes i am sorry <3

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im in cali ive been back to school for two weeks now

seriously?!? holy shit when did school end for you

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holy cannoli. but that makes sense

it’s such a long holiday though it’s actually pretty boring omg

My favorite song would be Massachusetts by silverstein (Acoustic version) Check em out if youd lke

okay, i’ll definitely give the song a listen!! thank you :)

Try out Pierce the veil & A day to remember. I can guarantee you'll like at least one.

hahaha okay, well i’ll add them both to the list!!