hi my name's rachel and im addicted to roosterteeth


buying a roosterteeth shirt: yes hi i'd like to pay 19.95 for an inside joke



@DarrenCriss: Passed out. @Harry_Styles just twerked.


best friendship

make me choose

baebradunkelmanteam nice dynamite or xray and vav

↳  We’re kind of a package deal.

Say goodbye. You won’t be seeing it again ever. (x)

A 15 year old Barbara goes to www.redvsblue.com. She sees a link to sign up. She clicks on it. After filling out the necessary information, she ponders a user name. Being the creative genius that she is, Barbara thinks,
well, I’m blonde. And blondes are usually dumb. So wouldn’t it just be hilarious if I spelled “blonde” wrong? Like blawnd. BlawnDee? COOL. Let’s go with that.”



So I slowed down the podcast on YouTube.

Burnie burns? More like burnie blaze.


Gavin’s Heist:

confusion and disorientation, that’s what we’re gonna be going for

Favorite Roosterteeth Employees: Jose ‘JJ’ Jones 

Everyone do me a favor and today: take a chance, take a gamble, make something special, make someone smile, make a mistake.